2019 was a box-office success. It grossed $42,5 billion in ticket sales worldwide, $800 million more than the year before, and accomplished a record breaking total of 9 billion-dollar films, including a new all-time best.

Unfortunately, this high was expected to be a last victory lap for Hollywood. Theatrical cinema’s imminent decline was already precluded by a few key alarming signs, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The underlying causes, however, were to be catalysed by the extraordinary circumstances, accelerating an years long trend.

An Empty Theatre Room (by Unsplash)

In this article, I’m going to discuss the state of the international theatrical exhibition business up to…

On the era of the franchise endgame — or the marketing-curated “serialized storytelling” — every major Hollywood studio chasing the double digits on the billion dollar yearly income is now desperate to create, recreate or linger on to any possibility of spin-offs of their cinematic universes or the nostalgia of previous success with reboots. Somehow paradoxically, their efforts to achieve sustainable profits are beginning to fail. Why did this happen?

Is the sun being set on Hollywood juggernauts?

Lights, Camera, Action Movies!

There’s something intrinsically attractive about blockbusters. Imbued with infinite out-of-this-world possibilities, cinematic action set-pieces and irreverent character portrayals, these movies — often accompanied with (literal) explosions of color and sound…

José Miguel Diniz

Rekindling his interest in writing with essays. Twitter: @diz_diniz.

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